MAD Competition

MAD Competition

Marquette Arts Dance Competition - MAD Competition

Tuesday, June 22nd

Mati - Masonic Arts Theater


The event will be held in a theatre space with a 18’ x 26’ Marley stage floor in the Masonic Red Room 128 W Washington St, Marquette, MI 49855. Parking is available behind the building in the parking garage, and street parking is available as well. Each group will perform and compete in front of three judges. There is no in-person audience for the event, it will be completely live streamed with only judges, competitors, and two helpers per group allowed in the space. 

Live streaming will cost $10.00 per device. Live Stream will be available through MATI 

Competition Fees:

Solo — $40.00 per solo

Duet — $60.00 per duet

Small Group — $75.00 for up to 4 people

Large Group — $125.00 for 5 or more people 

Studios or social pods will be given time slots and each studio and social pod will be scheduled in a pod time frame while individual dancers will be scheduled between pods. Planning time between 3-9pm on the day of the event. 




Pay online for registration at: 


If you want to pay by cash or check please send payments to: 

Superior Arts Youth Theater or SAYT

PO Box 741

Marquette, MI 49855


Please note, if policies or procedures change we will be in contact



You can choose to enter any number of categories for adjudication. 

Category Examples: Acro, Ballet/Pointe, Ballroom, Contemporary/Modern, Hip-Hop, Improv, Lyrical...


  1. MAD Award - 300-280
  2. Platinum - 279-265
  3. High Gold - 264-250
  4. Gold - 249-235
  5. High Silver - 234-220
  6. Silver - 219-205
  7. Bronze - 204-100


Artistry/Creativity/Originality - 60 pts (20 points per judge)

  • Unique Style
  • Effective Staging
  • Variety of Movement

Compliments the Music - 60 pts (20 points per judge)

  • Choreography connects: use of music to movement
  • Utilizing Tempo Variations
  • Musicality - cues enhancing choreography design

Visual Effect/Formations/Synchronization/Uniformity - 60 pts (20 points per judge)

  • Effective Spacing
  • Smooth Execution of Transitions
  • Consistent and Uniform Placement
  • Timing 
  • Consistent style throughout participants 

Strength, Control, Placement, and Execution of Movements - 60 pts (20 points per judge)

  • Execution of difficulty
  • Intricate Movements & Range of Movements
  • Technique Applicable to Type/Genre of Dance
  • Execution of leaps, jumps, tricks, and kicks

Overall Effect - 60 pts (20 points per judge)

  • Costuming
  • Appropriate Music
  • Entertainment Value
  • Energy and Confidence


The minimum time for dances is 1 minute and 45 seconds. The maximum time allotted is: 

  • Soloists - 2:45 minutes 
  • Duets - 3 minutes
  • Small Group (4 people or less)- 3 minutes
  • Large Group (5 people or more) - 4 minutes

Timing will begin with the first note of music. Music may either be started upon your entrance or after the team has entered the floor. Timing will end when the music stops.


You can upload your music with your registration form OR you will receive a link two weeks prior to the competition to upload your music. Please bring a CD or an iPod as a backup. Competition time slots will be allotted the week prior to the competition as music is uploaded and received. 

Participants are responsible for legally purchasing their own music. No explicit lyrics. 


Minimal props allowed, and must be with the performer at all times or held by a coach (Example: Hat, Cane, Suitcase, Poms, Ribbon, Wooden Tap Board). Must take performer(s) under 30 sec to setup & cleanup. No littering the stage ex: confetti, powder, glitter, liquid. No sharp objects that can damage the marley dance floor.


Tots: 5 & Under

Youth: 6-8

Junior: 9-11

Teen: 12-14

Senior: 15-19

Adult: 20+

Soloists will compete against other dancers in the same age division. 



Dancers who score 190 or above will receive an adjudicated certificate via e-mail. 

Top 3 placements will be given in each age division. Ties will be broken by judges’ preference.

Dancers may also receive Judges Choice Awards Example: Best Costume, Choreography…

Grand Prize of $200 Gift Certificate will be given to the Overall MAD Winner. 

*Overall MAD Winner: Judges Choice (Judges are given a list of the highest scoring routines from each division, & they pick One Routine for Overall MAD Winner). 



(Please check back as these will continue to be updated with further restrictions if any government orders change - we will NOT lessen restrictions.) 

  • Temperature checks will occur at the door before entry to the masonic building and anyone with a temperature above 100.3 will not be eligible to compete. 
  • The MAD competition requires competitors to wear masks for the entirety of the competition and in all areas inside the building (nose and mouth must be covered completely).
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will take place between each dance “pod” (a pod is defined as a group of people in the same social group who sign up together or a studio who signs up with their dancers) 
  • Individual dancers who do not have costume changes should come in costume to limit dressing room use. 
  • Teams/Studios/Pods should maintain social distancing. 
  • We will have one way traffic for stage entrances, this means you will exit through a different door than you enter. Entrances and exit areas will be marked. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on location. 
  • STAY HOME if you feel any symptoms (even mildly) or are feeling ill
  • Hands should be washed frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds

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