Superior School of Dance

    • Ballet - Leotard (color code listed below), Ballet Pink tights, Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes preferred, Creative Movement/Fundamentals - Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.) Optional: Ballet skirts, spandex shorts, legwarmers, ballet sweaters. (Boys: White fitted athletic top/leotard, Black tights/leggings, Black Ballet Shoes.)

      • Creative Movement and Fundamentals - any color

      • Ballet 1 - light pink

      • Ballet 2 - light blue

      • Ballet 3 - purple (any shade)

      • Ballet 4 - burgundy

      • Ballet 5 - black

    Recital Tights (most popular): Capezio Ballet Pink, Black, or Caramel. Caramel Tights. (Tight color/style depends on costume)

    • Jazz - Caramel Slip-On Jazz Shoes, Any color Leotard or form fitting top, leggings

    • Modern - Barefoot, Any color Leotard or form fitting top, leggings

    • Hip Hop - Black Dansneakers

    • Tap - Black Oxford or Slip-On Tap Shoes. (Fundamentals have the option of black oxford or black patent tap shoes.)

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