Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit

Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit

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Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit comes with everything a dancer needs to attach the NEW STRETCH RIBBONS to your shoes.

- 2 yards (229 cm) of 7/8in (2.2 cm) wide pointe shoe stretch ribbon
- 20in (51 cm) of ë_in (1.9 cm) heel elastic
- European Pink ribbon, elastic and thread
- 2 needles
- spool of extra strong thread
- safety pins
- stitch ripper for fast stitch removal

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We have traveled all over Michigan for dance, and Second Skin Shop treats us like we are family. Not only are they experts in their products, but they also truly care about dancers and want their bodies and feet to be protected for safety reasons. If you want a company that delivers far more than product, then shop here. Also, their online/deliver/customer service is superb!

Heather N.

I love Second Skin Shop! Always friendly and able to answer all of my
questions. It’s so nice to be able to call in an order and have it shipped to my house the next day. I highly recommend them!

Nycole RJ

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